Metric return with Art of Doubt

Art of DoubtThe 7th studio album from Toronto alt-rock powerhouse Metric is a burst of colour from the band's fuzz driven guitar roots. With occasional and well-placed splashes of synth injections, Art of Doubt leaves fans with a sense of fulfilment while also adding a new chapter to the Metric story.

Art of Doubt feels more like an early Metric album than recent efforts, with memorable hooks and a sound that stays consistent with the band's brand of rock. The single and opening track, "Dark Saturday" buzzes and drives through some 90s inspired guitar riffs, bombastic drums, and a chorus that highlights the very best of frontwoman Emily Haines. Of course, it's all very fashionable, but the band has a pedigree that dates back to the decade in question, lending weight to their sound. As with their best, the bright, floating bliss of Haines' falsetto dances around the music with the perfect amount of menace. It's fair to say Art of Doubt starts things off on a high note. Elsewhere, "Die Happy" grinds and burns with synthetic chords that still feel organic.


If there was one criticism to make about Art of Doubt it would be that many of the songs do sound similar, and familiar. However, putting that behind us and redirecting right back to the good, it's a cohesive album that still satisfies. While the album opens with sparking amplifiers, it sways through other elements of electro-rock breaks and an all too cool aqueous effect that finds a common thread throughout.

Metric often sound like they're playing a huge indie rock show somewhere in the lost city of Atlantis, and Art of Doubt would find a happy home on that set-list. There are big opportunities for sing-a-long moments that are often an unassuming nuance, and that's one the things Metric have always had over their peers. A solid addition to their back catalogue.

Release: 21st September 2018, BMG Records


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