Menace Beach splash colour on Black Rainbow Sound

Black Rainbow Sound

The new album from Menace Beach is a sonically explosive and explorative adventure into sight and sound. Black Rainbow Sound is the third album from the Leeds-based band, and it builds on former traits; songwriters Liza Violet and Ryan Needham create a symphonic cocktail of dense, late-night orchestrations that fit into a cohesive roadmap to the stars.

The album explores an eclectic and artistic aesthetic that the band have been circling for years. However, it ventures much further into a colour-splashed world of bizzaro no wave analogue synths and static drenched electronic euphoria than Menace Beach have ever gone before. The results are comparable to Broken Bells with subtle hints of Beach House, and the synthetic takeover dazzles in the finished product.

The album begins with its title track; an infectious and buzzing single that creates an introduction drenched in adrenaline. As it continues, it becomes apparent that all of the layered elements are really well executed and neatly polished without being overdone.


Unlike previous albums, Black Rainbow Sound came to life in the band's studio. Loops, obscure guitar noises, and synth dusted melodies were conceived in midnight fueled hours before being ripped apart and reimagined by the full group at The Nave studio with Matt Peel (Eagulls). The finished product is a celestial conversation filled with night terrors, friendly crows, death, depression, and teenage tongues. Some of the more introspective themes often hide in plain sight, mixed within the jubilant choruses and earworm hooks.

Black Rainbow Sound finds the group back from self-prescribed touring hiatus and provides the springboard for tomorrow. It feels vintage and new all at the same time, while each new listen will reveal a new layer or musical nuance not previously heard before.

Release: 14th September 2018, Memphis Industries


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  1. Mark Still 14/11/2018 at 4:14 pm #

    This was such an awesome review. Definitely turned me on to a brand new band I’m now super into – really appreciate the depth on this one!

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