Me and My Drummer – Don’t Be So Hot EP

DrunkenWerewolf has eagerly awaited The Hawk, the Beak, the Prey since German duo Me and My Drummer released debut single "You're a Runner" at the beginning of the year. With another month to go, thankfully our thirst for more has been prematurely quenched by this, the band’s forthcoming EP.

Yes, it’s been hastily compiled to offset a lack of anticipation from the general public, but there’s no compromise of standard on Don’t Be So Hot. The record takes two of the album’s original tracks, the beautiful “Don’t Be So Hot” and euphoric “Heavy Weight”, and pairs them with remixes of “Phobia” and “Mother Shell” by La Boum Fatale and Thomalla respectively. In normal circumstances this would shout desperation with a jarring case of glorified single, but Me and My Drummer pack such a colossal punch of atmosphere it’s hard not to get choked up by their every move.

For those people who haven’t already been infected by The Hawk, the Beak, the Prey and its epic thwak of talent, Don’t Be So Hot is a ravaging prospect. The delicate opener and title track is carried by Charlotte Brandi’s Nordic, skylark chords; haunting and ethereal in equal parts, the simple chorus is counterbalanced by the distinct production of “Heavy Weight”. A mechanic delight that draws on Róisín Murphy and 80s synth, the latter makes mainstream headway and aptly ties Me and My Drummer to Niki and the Dove, Giana Factory and other acts famed for their sparse approach to dance music.

The two remixes that follow transform “Phobia” and “Mother Shell” from the enchanting balladry of “Don’t Be So Hot” to the laser lights of “Heavy Weight”. In that evolution the poignancy of Me and My Drummer’s work is lost and there is a danger many will tar The Hawk, the Beak, the Prey with the wrong brush because of Don’t Be So Hot. Those that do will simply be in for a monumental surprise come October 29th. Although this EP promises a decent slice of creativity from the full length, it doesn’t even hint at the full extent of Me and My Drummer’s potential. Breakthrough act does them no justice.

Release: 15th October 2012, Sinnbus Records


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