Lucy Dacus sets a billion hearts alight with No Burden

No BurdenLucy Dacus is two faced. She has the face many of us are already well acquainted with: the deadpan vocal and upbeat punk rock matched by her cheeky grin. And then she has the face the world is yet to fully realise: the sombre and honest storyteller that better recalls her role as a solo artist than that of a front woman in a band. On her debut album proper, No Burden, the Richmond based singer songwriter finds the perfect balance.

The album kicks off with a three-pieced suite of the former description: “Troublemaker, Doppelganger” proving an early highlight thanks to its chugging bass line and the Americana roar to the lead guitar. In this light, Dacus could easily be mistaken for a long lost country western star, swigging her way from punk bar to garage to basement, in the hope of meeting someone who can relocate her back to her motel. Instead, she face palms into a puddle of howling, riotous fun and just goes with it. Matched by “I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore” and “Green Eyes, Red Face”, the first 10 minute of No Burden perfectly represent a Lucy Dacus live show, and leads the listener into a shoulder jerking good time.

Except shortly afterwards it comes to a head with “Dream State”, a beautiful, forlorn love song that really comes out of nowhere but is exceptionally welcomed - we dare you not to get the chills whenever you recall the bridge of, “Without you surely I am the last of our kind.” “Dream State” is no one hit wonder, instead paving the way for the second face of Lucy Dacus and the second side of No Burden. “Trust” plays into the same ball as a bittersweet ballad with American folk undertones; while “Map On a Wall” is the stuff teenage inspirations are made out of.

We can’t recall the last time someone so perfectly captured the mood of moving forward with their lives without compromising their musicianship. Oh wait, we can, it was Laura Stevenson. That’s how good this album is – we’re comparing it to our favourite artist. With this debut tucked tightly under her belt, Lucy Dacus looks set to break and set alight a billion hearts this year.

Release: 9th September 2016, Matador Records


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