Lucas Oswald casts a magical spell on Whet

WhetListening to Lucas Oswald’s latest album, it’s almost hard to believe he didn’t jump from the band ships of Shearwater and The Appleseed Cast earlier to focus on his own music. But he can be forgiven, as these bands are where he learned his craft; spending many touring years as a performing musician and subsequently where he would write the songs that make up Whet, released via Cosmic Dreamer Music.

Recorded near Oswald’s hometown Missouri, as well as San Antonio and Austin, Whet is 8 wonderfully crafted melancholic folk songs, that excite by jumping out of the classic folk shackles and running off into a world where modern production qualities are what’s required if you want to sound current, interesting and original. After all, what’s the point in studio’s striving forward with new production qualities, for you to gather up the band and sit around one microphone in the bathtub? Lucas Oswald’s music is sitting comfortably in modern times, which is a great place for a new artist to begin.

He sets the tone for Whet with “I Believe In Trying”. Rich in hazy, dream-like vocals; although downbeat and soaked in reverb, his style works well throughout, holding the record firmly together as it soars and drops.

After the pounding drums and melodic croons of “Dark On Us”, the album finds a gentle gear and cruises along effortlessly. “Open Me Up” gives further weight to his ability to build songs in modern soundscapes. Yet songs like “Colours That I Like” and “Passenger” feel just as warm in their rawer folk tones; with just a few sprinkles of synth sounds for good measure.

As a huge music fan, it always delights when you dive into a musician’s portfolio and discover they play most of the instruments on the record. The piano, vibraphone and hammered dulcimer are all in there alongside his guitars, vocals and tape loops. He also had a hand in the production stages, recording some of the album at home. A well crafted and thought-provoking record from a seriously talented musician. You’ve got wonder after hitting the road to promote Whet, if he’ll ever return to the band he also plays in? I have my doubts.

Release: 24th November 2017, Cosmic Dreamer


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