Lowell goes atmospheric for her Part 1: Paris YK EP

Part 1 Paris YK EPLowell has grown up. Or at least, that's what her new EP, Part 1: Paris YK, suggests.

The Toronto based electro pop star has transformed into a atmospheric Goddess of all things ethereal, dropping curtsies in the direction of artists such as Goldfrapp and Róisín Murphy while maintaining her own sense of individuality - documented so well on her first album, We Loved Her Dearly.

We first caught a glimmer of her new look through lead single "High Enough" - a glorious, lush proposal that negates its inspiration: comparing the grey-scale landscape of Canada’s Yukon, where Lowell grew up, to the music scene that's since come to embrace her work. Following track "Blow the Bass" isn't as bombastic as its name suggests, but it still draws from the same space as Austra in terms of dancefloor ready beats and having an ear for a tin-tapping rhythm. Final track "West Coast Forever" goes on to offer a tantalizing glimpse of the future: all three tracks work well together to form a picture of the direction in which Lowell is going, without giving the full game away and spoiling the surprise... Which will presumably be revealed for Part 2.

Lowell's debut album failed to draw the attention it deserved, despite being in our a brave, alt pop driven success. There's no doubt Part 1: Paris YK is different, but it's also ambitious and launches Lowell's action plan as though this was always the goal. At just three songs long it's painfully short but fantastically snappy. Here, here!

Release: 26th August 2016, Arts & Crafts


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