Jamie T laments over the great Trick

TrickAh 2007... The year that brought us the start of the banking crisis and a music scene newbie called Jamie T, who sang the rather ironic if not apt words: "If you got the money," on his debut album Panic Prevention and caused many of us to do the same at house parties across the country for the next 12 months. 9 years on, with the monetary situation arguably no better, Jamie T is on the verge of releasing his fourth studio album, Trick.

The Wimbledon-born artist has brought sheer wit, catchy choruses and a hefty dose of brutal honesty in previous releases, and Trick is no different once in full flow. We start out with the album's first single  "Tinfoil Boy", which bursts into life at the chorus with heavy guitars and vocals which repeat the song's name. Yet this seems a strange selection for the album's opening venture into the charts, given the nature of several more catchy tunes available. That being said, "Power Over Men" - the second single  from the album - is a lot more chart-friendly despite the video containing the story of a middle-aged dominatrix.

Jamie T's ability to effectively combine and utilise different musical styles has been a key part in earning himself a healthy following and each of his various stylistic influences is demonstrated on Trick. "Drone Strike" and "Solmon Eagle" have hip-hop elements which lend themselves to the quick-witted wordplay on display. Conversely, "Tescoland" takes definite influences from The Clash in terms of delivery and musicality.

"Dragon Bones" has a particularly catchy melody, making it fairly impossible not to throw some serious shapes while listening. Add into the mix the indie-pop anthem, "Joan of Arc", which has a hint of the Arctic Monkeys about it and you have a decent set of sing-along songs.

Despite a general upbeat tempo throughout, several moments of real rawness and vulnerability are demonstrated on Trick. The lyrics on "Sign of the Times" - "I wish I'd been a little more exceptional, I was never enough, - hold a real resonance as they almost feels as though they are a reflection on a career that is coming to an end. Similarly, the final track on Trick is titled "Self-Esteem" and makes for a fairly sombre end to an otherwise lively release.

The tunes on Trick are eclectic and demonstrate the versatility which has served Jamie T so well over previous years. We just hope that the themes at the tail end of the release aren't a sign or a hint at the near future as on this showing Jamie T has still got plenty to offer the world of music.

Release: 2nd September 2016, Virgin EMI


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