Isaac Gracie dives into a lush and cathartic release

The Death of You & IIsaac Gracie's The Death Of You & I is an intoxicating mix of musical styles that sway into a lush presentation of cathartic release. The UK indie musician, known for his raw and intimate songwriting, delights the senses with this recent presentation.

The EP's title track leads listeners through a spaghetti western of dusty guitars and smoky vocals that take an unexpected and explosive turn. The calm, gentle melody jettisons into a frantic adrenaline rush of screaming guitars and Gracie's howling vocals. The music feels like a statement, and an aptly placed one at that. The pacing shifts between a melodic groove of walking bass lines and energetic bursts in a way that demands attention.

Once the raging fire of the opener soothes into a gentle smoulder, the EP truly begins to shine. An intoxicating aroma rises out of the ashes and dances in an ethereal cloud on "Silhouettes Of You". It becomes apparent that Gracie digs into a deeply honest headspace as his vocals seem to walk in and out of picturesque memories. One of the beautiful things about the EP is his ability to create so many layers and a level of depth in each song. The theme continues right into "One Night". It's easy to get lost in the gentle ebb of Gracie's composition. Even with a more mellow presentation, there is still a powerful conviction as the chorus soars. The song is a breeze blowing through the colorful leaves of an old tree on a calm afternoon. As Gracie fills the empty spaces between each phrase, the music floats on the heels of the wind.

The Death Of You & I is an exciting, unexpected, and incredibly well-written collection of songs that flow in calculated execution. Is it too early to start a "Best Of 2017" list?

Release: 29th September, Virgin EMI


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