Isaac Gracie transports the soul on debut album

isaac gracieThe debut self-titled album from Isaac Gracie is a raw and intimate bid into the world of songwriting, and a collection of songs that detail personal growth, struggle, and every emotion in between. There are blissful moments of isolated joy that are interwoven between flashes of crippling anxiety and passionate discovery.

Gracie explains in his press, “Over the course of the 2 years it took to complete this record, I learnt more about myself and about music than I had in the entirety of my prior life. It was the biggest test I've ever undertaken and a winding journey that I won't forget. To now have the record as a physical representation of a heavy and formative time in my life, that can be traced and re-remembered through listening to it, is an awesome and unique reward for the time and effort and love that was spent."


Featuring several songs from the 2017 EP, The Death Of You & I, the full album revels in its completion. From the dusty and adrenaline filled wall of sound which is "The Death Of You & I" to the softer and more honest "Silhouettes of You", there is a sense of movement throughout the finished album. With a lush mixture of sights and sounds, the air smells sweet and intoxicating as Gracie serenades the listener with his distinct vocals. The beauty of the album is that the movement shines on multiple levels.

At times, it is almost as if Gracie himself is performing in a small pub. The worn wooden floorboards beneath his leather boots and the buzzing amplifiers paint a picturesque background for a perfect night out with friends. As the pints flow, the songs become more heartfelt and draw more personal comparison than you initially imagined. Gracie's music catches the heart off guard, and before long, you become enveloped in the lush sounds. Those same melodies can transport from the pub to a secret garden hidden in a dense fog. Gracie produces a sound that sounds ancient and sacred. The deep haze of the album is a smoulder that burns at the prescribed temperature.

Gracie is a new British voice, poetic in his placement of words and accomplished in their delivery. This debut collection of sounds is a fully realized and confident introduction. Isaac Gracie was largely produced by Markus Dravs at RAK Studios in London. It will also be supported by a spring tour.

Release: 13th April 2018, Virgin EMI

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