Haim – Falling EP


Since releasing their Don’t Save Me EP almost four months ago to the day, Haim have found new heights of fame, especially after topping the BBC’s Sounds of 2013 poll. It’s not the Bastille brand of fame explosion we’ve all seen recently, as Haim are yet to release a chart topping debut, but it nonetheless raises the expectation awaiting their upcoming Falling EP very high indeed.

Much has already been said of how the band hark back to 90s r’n’b, and the title track exemplifies this more drastically than any of their released material thus far, for better and worse. You can feel the swagger of the band come through in the song’s groove, and while the first quarter of “Falling” leaves you wondering where things are heading, its expertly implemented crescendo sweeps you away with typical aural delight. The instruments are pleasant yet generic, content in serving their purpose rather than achieving anything exciting. The song’s lyrics seem at first as if they were found on a motivational poster or lifted straight out of an episode of LazyTown. However, upon closer inspection, sickeningly cheesy lyrics such as, “Don’t stop, no, I’ll never give up, and I’ll never look back, just hold your head up, and if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough” are actually revealed to be part of a darker and more captivating narrative that almost makes the whole thing acceptable.

So, does Falling live up to the hype? Disappointingly it’s little more than a single release, with just two decent remixes accompanying the title track, of which Psykemagick’s groovy remix is particularly worthy of mention. Ignoring these, the title track has got the attitude, the breathy idiosyncratic vocals, and the choruses that will get most listeners dancing. However its shortcomings hold it back, and had the song been released in the era it emulates it’s difficult to imagine it having had much impact. Ultimately, as enjoyable as it is at points, Falling falls short of the mark.

Release: 1st April 2013, Polydor


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