Good Graeff – Good Job Go EP

Good Graeff - Good Job Go EPThe twins of Good Graeff have danced their way back into the studio to record another melodically driven, cello chunking EP, to join summer playlists across the western world. It feels like since their inception several years ago, the Graeff sisters have done nothing but take in sunsets and plant them into their songs. This is however far from the truth; they've been touring hard in an old school fashion, from place to place by van. When listening to these songs, you can really hear the hard work ethic that's gone into Good Job Go, while the emotions still seem effortless and never exhausting.

“I Want That” is a particularly uplifting piece of music; not only is it the opening track of Good Job Go, it’s the opening in the clouds on a rainy day, or in the case of this week’s weather, the cool breeze that nicely punctuates this insane summer heat. The chorus hook is so catchy and upbeat, with the buzzing guitar and piano leading the riff underneath Brooke’s fun and passionate singing, that it would be very difficult not to be affected.

Elsewhere, “Good Touch” could easily be the funky love child of M83 and Daft Punk, adding to the many songs that crop up around this time each year. “Catch 22” has a little more emphasis on Brit’s cello, making a sort of segue between the thumping beats of the beginning of the EP, and the softer feel at the end. “Peiky peiky” has a simplistic beat, which does not take away from the energy of the song but allows Brooke’s guitar and Brit’s cello to blend more sincerely. Good Job Go eventually slows in the last song, “Unsung”, which has a much slower approach. It plays more like some solitary numb bedroom grief (or Graeff, maybe?), anthemic in nature, and soft to the touch.

Good Graeff have come far from their days competing in high school battle of the bands. The ambitiousness of this EP illustrates their intentions of recognition. As the energy of Good Job Go is so infectious, it surely won't be long before their dreams are realised. Good job, Good Graeff!

Release: 7th July 2015, Baeble Music


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