The Go! Team – The Scene Between

The Scene BetweenKicking things off with the descending sound of fizzy pop being poured into your ears, The Go! Team couldn’t have picked a more fitting way to open up their new album. Ever since 2004’s classic Thunder, Lightning, Strike, they reached universal praise as one of the most joyous acts around, and despite their shift into more twee territory over the years, The Scene Between is the same Go! Team we all know and love. Just like previous release Rolling Blackouts, we’re treated to a mess of distorted guitars, blasted drumbeats and sing-a-long vocals, best fit to soundtrack the fast-approaching summer season.

There’s an abundance of fun to be had on The Scene Between, an album littered with delightful pop gems that refuse to escape your head. The title-track is particularly adorable with its sweet, child-like chorus and skittering midsection, while the frenetic “Blowtorch” can’t help but make you smile as guitars race along with frontwoman Ninja’s razor-sharp vocal attitude. The Go! Team certainly haven’t lost their talents in crafting irresistible melodies either – something the collective possess in buckets – and their distinctive, sample-heavy style never ceases to amaze.

But what comes as a huge disappointment this time around is The Go! Team’s abandon of the hip-hop oriented beats and electronic flourishes that characterised past efforts. There’s a greater emphasis on Ninja’s lead vocals which is refreshing to hear, yet some stylistic changes would certainly help bring variety to the table. The band tease toward this with the infectious “Gaffa Tape Bikini”, but it’s a criminally short interlude that serves as a wasted opportunity to delve into more adventurous realms.

That aside, The Go! Team have put together a solid release with The Scene Between. The fact that it can make for some overwhelming sensations of happiness is high praise for a band that – fifteen years down – still just want to have a good time.

Release: 23rd March 2015, Memphis Industries

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