GIRLI, Oscar @ The Louisiana, Bristol, 23/09/2016

oscarBedroom producer, Oscar, embarks on his first headline tour around the UK this month, with support coming from London rapper, GIRLI. The two colourful pop sensations, in probably the best touring camper van, make their way to Louisiana this evening for what’s bound to be a poptastic performance.

Arriving very late to the Louisiana, we enter just in time to see GIRLI jump off the stage into an empty circle in the crowd, who then dance all around her. The rapper-stroke-urban-pop-star is both eclectic and eccentric, a bit like a modern day Lady Sovereign (remember her?) but with pink hair and a London Barbie kind of vibe. Feeling like we’ve arrived late to the party, she says her farewells with a large response from the crowd.

The audience are suitably hyped up for Oscar, with cartoon colourful versions of his face plastered all over the back wall of Louisiana. An Instax man armed with a Polaroid camera takes photo of members in the crowd in the interim, completely fulfilling the kitsch vibe. You can’t help but think the brash decor and posterized theme is all Oscar’s brainchild with Brit-Pop, 80’s influences running throughout his music.

Opening with “Beautiful Words” from his debut album, Cut and Paste, he warms up the Louisiana with catchy riffs and pop melodies, accompanied on stage by his band. His art-school-influenced producing involves memorable lyrics with poppy hooks which go hand in hand with the colourful interior.

GIRLI runs through the masses and joins him on stage for collaborative track, “Breaking My Phone”. The duo share a fun chemistry on stage, making their tour seem like a constant colour and pop explosion, blending hip hop, rap and pop. Oscar gets into the crowd himself for “Be Good”; “let’s dance,” he says as he jumps amongst the audience, enabling an intimate and close performance for more of a club night feel than a gig.

It’s clear his art school history developed his song writing and lyrics with a few tracks dedicated to girls he met there. “This one is about a girl I met at art school,” he says for the second time, “wait... there’s a pattern forming.” The art school imagery, with teenage thoughts and lyrics takes you back to school, like some kind of microcosmic pop escape.

Oscar ends with “Sometimes”; a crowd favourite, synonymous with Oscar’s whole kitsch get up. His fun blend of pop and cartoonery draws on his love of school, art and girls which makes for a very retro show. The whole evening from support act, GIRLI, to sponsored Instax man seems orchestrated and over the top, in perfect fitting with Oscar himself.


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