Frankie and the Witch Fingers say ZAM to confines

ZAMHave you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of the criminally insane, as they're force feed pills in straitjackets before being lead back to a padded cell? Frankie and the Witch Fingers might just be held accountable. Intense and rousing, here's a band for which 'confines' do not apply; wild and electrifying, these guys make The Hives sound like Mumford & Sons.

The Los Angeles-based group have had a healthy outpouring of records since 2015, releasing two albums in 2017: Sidewalk and Brain Telephone. Latest release ZAM sees the band in trademark full-throttle while offering greater depth to their vigorous sound. And what better way to give the listener a taste of things to come than all 8 minutes and 51 seconds of opening track: “Dracula Blood”. Brewing gently on sounds of the jungle after dark, it’s not long before guitars start to stir the madness and we welcome the group united over riffs-a-plenty that see the band adopt new workings on funk; albeit heavier than anything James Brown could handle (and he liked to wave a shotgun around).


“Realization” has the classic indie-stomp of joyously wild guitars, but how this band fill the gaps saved for solos is something beyond epic or filthy. They hit a pedal that could easily be called 'Kamikaze Death Dive-Fuzz'. Title track "ZAM" is another cardiac inducing 8 minutes plus rollercoaster journey that reaches peaks of far-out-there and sees the band fully explore their endless jamming capabilities; giving way to the melodic punchy lyrics that cascade over other songs on this record. Instead, favouring a mind bending racket, that echoes a psychedelic carnival hurtling through Fear and Loathing’s Nevada desert.

Everything about ZAM oozes late night mischief way past the witching hour. That being so, the record is incredibly coherent, and the good ship Frankie and the Witch Fingers is a tight and well-oiled vessel, sailing into the abyss where anything is possible and everything is not as it seems. As the discography continues to grow this band employ a fresh approach to the structure of their songs, all whilst adding new influences like funk to their wild resume of rock'n'roll, punk, indie, pop and most certainly alternative. Only venues with a sturdy roof need apply.

Release: 1st March 2019, Greenway Records


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  1. Junie 15/04/2019 at 6:33 am #

    Yes! So glad I clicked on this. I love the sense of well-organized chaos “Realization” captures. I’ll definitely be checking out ZAM. Thanks for sharing!

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