Flowers peddle indie pop for Everybody’s Dying to Meet You

Everybody's Dying to Meet YouSometimes putting one of your best songs as the opening track on an album can create an early peak. Soon after, you can find yourself listening to an album descending from the heights of the opening song. Flowers new album Everybody’s Dying to Meet You does not fall short because of their abundance of quality offerings throughout the album than just their enticing and catchy opening song, “Pull My Arm”.

The London based trio consists of Sam Ayres on guitar; Rachel Kenedy on vocals; and Jordan Hockley on drums. All members have distinctive abilities but they have united together to create this stylistic fusion of indie pop, dream pop and shoegaze. This enhances the album to greater depths than just your average indie pop record that comes and goes without anything new to suggest.

Like actual flowers, the band have not suddenly appeared but taken time to grow and fully blossom, from their early lo-fi demos to releasing their debut album in 2014. Their first album was created during a period of illness for Ayres; this latest album shows the band moving away from the predecessor’s sombre tone and reflective state. The band are now relishing their up tempo guitar work and dynamic sound while giving Everybody's Dying to Meet You compelling hooks that will no doubt send the listener yearning for more.

The songs' foundations are kept by the simplicity of the drummer’s beat and developed by the guitarists. During the songs, their jangly guitars quickly transition into producing explosive rock riffs that arrive at the choruses, like we see on second song, “Bitter Pill”.

The album’s centrepiece is the haunting but captivating “Intrusive Thoughts”, with its riveting crescendos that showcase the well-crafted composition and acute production skills of Brain O’Shaughnessy (My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream and The Clientele). The lyrics are equally as cultivating with the idea that we cannot escape ourselves, which also connects thematically to a later song, “My Only Friend”. That has lyrics at the chorus such as “I will never change it, my wayward ways." Furthermore to self-imposed isolation “My only friend is me, I can’t pretend that I am happy."

Kenedy's ethereal vocals create a sense of calmness above the guitar melodies and distortion. However, her delicate vocal tone has a melancholy aspect that pervades throughout the songs, making for a striking balance. Towards the end of Everybody's Dying to Meet You, on the track “Russian Doll”, her vocals produce an indication of anger alongside a keyboard generating this synth pop sound.

Everybody’s Dying To Meet You makes for an invigorating and exhilarating album that has been clearly influenced by numerous 1980s indie bands, like you would find on the C86 album. Their authenticity prevails and their versatility shines, to mark their own imprint in the indie scene. Most importantly it features great indie pop tunes resulting into a sublime and cohesive sophomore album by Flowers.

Release: 12th February 2016, Fortuna POP!


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