Esther Joy goes intergalactic with The Acid Caves Vol 1

Acid CavesLondon based producer and singer Esther Joy is back with her unique electronic vision, this time releasing three tracks that conceptually tie together to make The Acid Caves Vol 1. The concept follows a non-human ‘lifeblood’ called Silipur, who's illegally departed her planet in search of Earth and its purest energy; which the planet has an abundance of thanks to us humans pumping large amounts of emotional energy (aka baggage) into The Chaos System. Now, thanks to the likes of Tinder, Facebook and Twitter, along with our overpowered ego’s and ignorance, we’ve reduced human contact and stunted our natural evolution. Thus, The Chaos is fading and Earth, slowly dying. So, Silipur must make the one-way trip to Earth to warn us humans of our inevitable destruction. It’s not all bad news; thanks to us humans being pretty fucked up, Earth is overwhelmed with The Chaos, beautiful chaos; an energy far greater than on any other planet (and to think how keen people are to move to Australia, if only they knew).

You must be wondering by now if the soundtrack to this beautifully surreal, ultra-modern fantasy is any good? For such a fantastic concept, we're taking it as gospel that by titling the 'EP Vol 1', Esther Joy will be following up on this concept with Vol 2; because three songs in under 10 minutes is not the greatest of offerings when you’ve clearly put a lot of thought into such a concept.

First track “Day 1 (Silipur Leaves Home)” has edgy synth explosions, and Esther Joy’s deep vocal tones encapsulate all the chaos going on around her. It’s heavy on beats but she works great arrangement into the three minutes of song to give it many interesting turns and spins, more rocket blasting into space than floating through time. “Day 4 (Landing)” is even more intense whereas final track “Day 5 (What He Found)” allows more room for Joy’s punchy vocals; although the narrative is not massively colourful.

There’s a story to be told here, a wonderfully thought out concept. We're not sure we’d have picked up on that had the EP not come with all the AR spill and Joy describing in her own words the very concept, she struggles to portray in her lyrics. Make what you will from the soundscape, she can make electronic noise interesting and you do feel a connection to the great beyond through her music. Just a shame that concept got lost somewhere, in a galaxy far far away.

Release: 27th April 2018, Self-release


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