Esben and the Witch release magnificent Older Terrors

older terrorsMark our words: just as Esben and the Witch are not a standard band, this is not a standard four-track release. Ranging 10 to just under 14 minutes in length, the songs on Older Terrors harness a range of tempos, key changes and atmospheric synth sounds to provide a brilliant new landscape. It's magnificent and enthralling, and it's likely to pinch the living heck out of its competition come the end of the year.

Although this is the first time the three piece have fully embraced the space their songs deserve to breathe, all is not changed. Hard edged riffs continue to juxtapose with front woman and bassist Rachel Davies’ vocal, while the loud/quiet dynamic the band use to strengthen the impact of their music prevails throughout. The key difference is that Esben and the Witch seem to have taken Older Terrors as a chance to embrace the rawest form of their music. The more mainstream tactics employed on debut Violet Cries and its critically acclaimed follow up Wash the Sins Not Only the Face have been truly put to bed, in favour of the sprawling composition of A New Nature. With time on their side, the trio have moved even further towards a sonic nirvana few other bands occupy.

The result is beautifully savage, lulling you into a blurry-eyed comfort one minute before dragging you backwards through a hedge formed out of guitar strings and bricks the next. Alarming moments scattered throughout “Sylvan”, “Marking the Heart of a Serpent”, “The Wolf’s Sun” and “The Reservist” will make you jump out of your chair faster than any horror film, but there are minimalistic tricks and treats, too. It is, for want of a less macabre description, spine-tingling.

On their fourth full length release, Esben and the Witch hit a new stride, but they remember the lessons they've learned along the way, and consequently create their greatest album to date. What's even more exciting is the fact they're far from through with us yet.

Release: 4th November 2016, Nostromo Records    

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