No Violet unleash chaos on Faces

FacesHaving stirred up the attention of the BBC airwaves, four-piece No Violet are set to release their debut EP Faces this autumn. They’re even being super Bristol and releasing the record on a translucent ‘sea foam’ green 10” vinyl... Leisure Records must have some money, but the music is worth it.

Opener “Be My Friend” showcases Ellie Godwin’s unique singing qualities. She can howl with quivering effect. Raw and unafraid, she dives head-first into many vocal flavours throughout Faces; all of them equally edgy and flamboyant. This is matched with a very in-tune band that play up to her extroverted vocals, uniting the heavy dynamic the band strives on.

“America” sees delirious vocals and slow drive punk sound wildly together, yet catatonic. It's a strange combination that works because No Violet crave energy that can explode or implode at any given moment; their songs are either held together by a pin or a sword and they’ll happily fluctuate between the two. Their reward? Downbeat tension resolved with the feral, soul bearing screeches of a woman in full control of the songs destiny.


Although Godwin’s vocals do a lot of the talking, there’s impressive unity from Pete Catada on drums and Kerry Funnell on bass. The rhythm section is solid throughout Faces and it helps to make sense of Godwin’s rare, tender moments while being fully supportive when she blows full-on chaos. Thankfully they’re not without Rhys Graham on guitar, who binds the beast together with licks fit for the Pixies.

If they can translate their wild, fuzzy grunge into a killer live set, the future will most definitely be bright and very loud for No Violet.

Release: 21st September 2018, Leisure Records


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