Daughter @ Colston Hall, Bristol, 25/10/2016

DaughterDespite this only being the release of their second studio album, it feels like Daughter have been around forever. Whether it’s their matured vocal or their emotional depth, Daughter have dominated the indie folk scene in the last two years, exponentially increasing their fan following. Second album, Not To Disappear, brings with it a worldwide tour gracing larger venues with Bristol’s Colston Hall set for this evening.

Plain clothed, dark and silent, Daughter enter the stage with little distraction. The gradual hum of new track, “New Ways”, and eerie smoke creates just the right amount of drama a band like Daughter warrants. With the addition of composer Joe Duddell, a percussionist and a brass trio, Daughter’s musical texture is amplified to impressive levels. Their combined sound fills Colston Hall with grandeur, especially Elena Tonra’s expansive vocals that echo around the walls.

But at the same time as being grand and liberal, they’re also intimate and personal. When the guest musicians aren’t joining the usual trio, there are glimpses of the stripped back performance they could perform to perfection too, swiftly moving from captivating to expansive and echoic with fluidity.

Drinking tea from cardboard cups, Daughter set apart their differences from a typical indie band. But the crowd haven’t come for any typical indie band - there’s an air of calm with the crowd just playing witness to their performance. The captivating waterfall-esque backdrop plays into the serene quality, with the lights changing from bright whites to blues and back again.

Commercial hit, “Youth”, surprisingly doesn’t end their set list. They seem to play what they want to play - there’s no kowtowing to audience expectation. That said, there’s not a single person not singing “Youth” back to Daughter when they perform it towards the end of the evening. Instead, they end their show with more upbeat track “Fossa”, taken from Not To Disappear. “Medicine” joins “Fossa” to complete their encore, mixing old with new, just as their whole performance does.

It’s crazy to think that only a year ago, their Bristolian manager was hoping they could get a crowd big enough to fill the Louisiana and here they are now playing in Colston Hall, Bristol’s largest and grandest music venue. There’s no doubt that Daughter’s performance tonight was something special. Where they’ll be playing next year, who knows, but if there’s as much of an exponential growth as this year, it’ll be big.


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