Cristobal and the Sea combine a global influence on Exitoca

ExitocaA multicultural daydream of frantic tribal beats, melodramatic jazz, and soulful fusion find harmonious simmer in the upcoming album from Cristobal and the Sea. Packed with tropicalia pop sounds, Exitoca is a reference to the escapist dreams from the 50s and 60s of American couples and their desire to move to an uncomplicated pacific paradise. The album feels like a nonstop flight across the globe with an intoxicating atmosphere forming a sweet cabin haze.

For Cristobal and the Sea, expatriates from Portugal, Spain, France, Egypt  and the United States, now based in London, the idea of Exotica is more than just an escapist plot to avoid workaday drollery; it is a proposed evacuation from the toxic mires of Brexit; the very notion that threatens the place they now call home. Their current political situation endangers access to their very art and lifestyle, which is commonly the pressure required for musicians to produce great work.

The album is a bright and bubbly cocktail of tracks that span an international spectrum of sounds. Its shifts from dark smoky, sweating jazz melodies on the opening track, "Porcelanosa," to the Caribbean-fueled sounds of "Steal My Phone." It's hard not to find yourself smiling, tapping your feet, and bobbing your head to these sun-drenched tropical rhythms. Exitoca elicits images of crystal clear oceans and full bright colors. A jungle seems to come to life in between the spaces of the cerebellum as melodies shift to each destination in a passport of melodies.

The combination of male and female vocals and electric guitars pair with an exciting cast of drum beats and even a surprise synth throughout. It is honestly and pleasantly difficult to nail down just one sound because Cristobal and the Sea play on the influences from each member. The most obvious and prominent come from Portugal. The traditional salsa dance patterns are mixed with cool dark synthetic instrumentation. Think Santana meets S U R V I V E and you'll come close to throwing a dart at the globe of sounds that is "Salsa Dude", one of the more culturally diverse and exciting tracks on the album.

Exitoca is a constant guessing game of new musical surprises, and that's what makes it such a treat to listen to. The band has poured out a rich, lush combination of hooks, melody, and global style that almost makes each pass through an entirely different listening experience. There's always a new sound popping up, or another beat that wasn't there the last time. Get your passport ready and enjoy the ride.

Cristobal and the Sea play The Sun Tavern in Bethnal Green, London, on 22nd September.

Release: 22nd September 2017, City Slang


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