COMPNY @ Thekla, Bristol, 13/04/2015

COMPNYSupporting Bipolar Sunshine tonight, London based band COMPNY perform their first ever Bristol gig at the Thekla. Faceless for some time courtesy of a series of well-branded but particularly mysterious flag-waving images; for most, if not all of the audience, this isn’t just the first time they’ve heard COMPNY’s music. It’s the first time they’ve been able to picture the band as Actual Human Beings, too.

No doubt many are thankful for the introduction. Rising through the ranks at a phenomenal pace, COMPNY are gathering momentum on the British music scene. This is thanks in no small part to three awesome songs: “Something Had to Give”, “Begging Me to Come Back” and recent single, “Lovers”. The band performs these tracks with gusto, and despite Thekla’s sound system wreaking havoc with their carefully layered audio-techniques. The worst affected, “Something Had to Give”, is plagued by too-loud percussion and barely audible melody – which is a shame, because it’s arguably COMPNY’s catchiest tune to date. Fortunately “Begging Me to Come Back” and another, unreleased song – heavier than others, but still in possession of some cracking sunshine guitar work – make up for acoustic woes.

Another notable contingent to the night is the average age of the crowd. Billed as 14+ and on the last night of local school holidays – the majority of people present haven’t stopped growing yet. There’s also an evident lack of care on the ID checking front, as girls charge towards the front slopping sugary beverages and boys duck their head in almost comedy cockney fashion while sloshing cider on suspecting victims. This is probably more down to headline Bipolar Sunshine’s popularity than anything else, but it’s still a shame to see COMPNY’s musical prowess go to waste. Although present, the small majority totally ignore their set.

Regardless, this evening COMPNY use their time well to showcase what’s surely a promising career ahead of them. We suspect they’ve turned a few more heads in their direction, too.


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