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AuthorityClient have been kicking around the electro-synth-pop circuit since 2002. Their fame has grown drastically through a working relationship with the old greats like Depeche Mode and Erasure. Theirs is the kind of music that will appeal to any and all with a fond soft spot for old 80s synth bands, as well as reaching out to a new, lost audience that are desperately looking for something sexy but not too sordid to latch onto. The sound they’ve forged over the years is now a perfect muddling of the aforementioned 80s synth-pop and modern dance favourites like dubstep and house.

New album Authority plays like a continuous romp through each of these styles and almost begins to sound schizophrenic at points, when the fuzzy wall between the different styles begins to break down and they war with each other for dominance over the song.

The very first song on the album is a perfect example of this kind of dissonance and musical confusion. "Authority" begins with a sample that sounds almost anarchistic in its message, highlighting the manipulative nature of control and the namesake of the song – authority. It then drops into about three seconds of what could very well be the opening gambit of a big dubstep tune from someone like Datsik or Trolley Snatcha. Within a heartbeat of this, the true song kicks in and plays more like something from an advert for some kind of holiday park. Before the end of the song, it’s jumped through the haughty realms of cheese, through the fire of semi-dark industrial bass lines and then finally back into a soft, cuddly cloud of major chords and incredibly upbeat vocals.

The album is not without its merits though. For some, this disconnected ramble through genres and styles is one of the highlights, showing that Client are truly able to transcend the pigeon-holing limitations that are imposed on so many modern artists. The production is great on this album and it’s very clear that every sound has been looked over meticulously with several spectrometers, and any flaws have been vigorously buffed out. The vocals of Kate Holmes and the newly recruited Nicole Thomas are fantastic. As far as this kind of music goes, Client really are second to none in the current field.

By far, the most interesting song on the album is the penultimate title “Quarantine”, which gives in to the industrial beast that’s been baying at the door for the whole album, just waiting to be let in and wreak havoc on the nicey-nicey songs that have come before. It has bizarre synth work throughout, and could quite easily be supplemented by a 90s era Marilyn Manson on vocals singing about some kind of wyrm child.

If the European success of their previous releases is anything to go by, Authority is going to be a smash hit on the dance floors of the EU and the UK may even begin to be swayed by this newest release from the synth-drenched creative minds of Client.

Release: 25th August 2014, Savage Gringo


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