Cheatahs – Murasaki EP

Cheatahs – Murasaki EPThere's just no stopping Cheatahs right now, is there? A mere two and half months since the release of their last extended play, the brilliant Sunne EP, the London based quartet return with the more experimental and avant-garde Murasaki EP.

The first question one has to ask with the release of two EPs in such a short space of time is, why not just put out an album? On listening to the extended plays back-to-back however, the reason becomes apparent. Whereas the Sunne EP shares more similarities with their self-titled debut released in 2014, Murasaki can be seen as Cheatahs cutting of the metaphorical lead jacket and exploring soundscapes not previously navigated.

Whereas previously released tracks were highly influenced by the shoegaze and noise rock movements, the Murasaki EP has more in common with the ambient drones of Apex Twin and Tim Hecker than it does with My Bloody Valentine and Ride. The track "Warm Palms" for instance incorporates strange time signatures and gorgeous use of drones/running water effects. Meanwhile following track "3D Milk" substitutes live drums for pre-programmed beats reminiscent of Machinedrum and Squarepusher.

The Murasaki EP is a far more challenging and difficult listen than any of the other recordings in the Cheatahs back-catalogue. It does however mark a tremendous leap forward sonically for the band and, if given the time it deserves, is immensely rewarding. Fans looking for the "The Swan" mark II won’t find it here, but what they will find is a band pushing their sound to the limit, and, in a time where many groups merely ‘play it safe’ and stick to what they know, Cheatahs have to be applauded.

Release: 4th May 2015, Wichita


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