Buffalo Clover – Test Your Love

buffaloEmerging out of the Nashville scene, Buffalo Clover are a band criminally underrated in Britain, mainly because of their country roots and the UK’s infamous rejection of the genre. Despite this they made an impression on DrunkenWerewolf back in 2010 with their debut album Low Down Time. Ballsy and in your face yet subtle and composed, it’s a record bred and brewed in the salt of their hometown but nevertheless accessible to an ear better acquainted with Americana and folk.

Test Your Love, the band’s sophomore album, takes things one step further, introducing oodles of rhythm and blues to the table. It is however clearly the same band at play. The hollering vocal of front woman Margo Price litters every song, pulling all the right strings and generally lifting the listener from where they perch. On songs like opener “The Ruse”, “Truthfulness” and “Let it Go”, Price demonstrates the full range of her soprano lungs with an almighty burst of swagger. Add a bar twinkling piano, brass and thigh slapping guitar, and you’ve got yourself a hoedown that will tantalise even the stiffest English upper lip.

Buffalo Clover are clearly a band who know how to have fun and it’s the brighter moments of Test Your Love that shine. On paper their influences range from Bob Dylan to Janis Joplin. On record and in practice The Band and Dolly Parton sneak in as well. The results are bold and authentic, with 70s rock’n’roll songs “Come into my House” and “Guilt” sounding as though they were recorded in situ. Slower numbers like “Temporary Satisfaction” and “Hey Child” come with an additional Southern soul slur that’s again neither dated or clichéd.

With Low Down Time Buffalo Clover proved themselves a good time. Test Your Love continues the theme, but also instils a real sense of genius and faith in their music. The six piece are one of few to sound genuinely timeless and on the British scene at least, that should stand them in good stead.

Release: 19th August 2013, Angry Badger Records


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  1. Javier Bustamante 10/08/2013 at 8:57 am #

    One of my favourites bands. They are great!


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