Bossy Love – Me + You EP

Bossy LoveBossy Love will release their debut EP Me + You on the 21st October, with Amandah Wilkinson, the former front woman of Operator Please, co-writing and co-producing all the tracks alongside former Dananananaykroyd drummer John Baillie Jnr.

Bossy Love is sassy, yet her porcelain doll vocals provide images of her wrapped in cotton wool and kept in a matchbox. She glides over tracks with ease, and offers seamless pop confectionery. She is the metaphorically cuter sister of MIA. Both hail from London, both employ tropical beats and unusual ethical sounds, and both know the value of a vintage printed top. MIA will have you skanking with a warm can of Red Stripe; Bossy Love’s title track is slow dancing at a school disco with a Smirnoff Ice and a tear in your eye.

Unsurprisingly, she’s reported to be a fan of 90s RnB, and the whispered hooks throughout the EP do have a sickly sweet whiff of TLC. The EP holds together well, being punctuated with unusual samples and catchy two-step rhythms. It is tightly produced fast paced easy listening, with a penchant for auto-tuning. Hurricane’s cutting base lines and fluttering vocals are reminiscent of the most sordid of guilty pleasures – Britney Spears, ‘Boys’.

I’d like to have seen a bit more testosterone and less candyfloss, to match the warm brassy sounds and funky bass lines. Either way Bossy Love has a personality, an image, and every chance of a successful pop career.

Release: 21st October 2013, Self-release


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