Betty Who – World’s Apart EP

World's ApartAustralian singer-songwriter Jessica Anne Newham, who masquerades under the stage name Betty Who, sky rockets into DrunkenWerewolf’s radar with new EP World’s Apart. The pounding four-song set stands strong among the upcoming sun-drenched summer anthems of 2014, demanding to be listened to at full volume with the windows rolled down. Betty first exploded onto the music scene in 2013 when her song "Somebody Loves You" was used to accompany a Youtube video of an elaborate flash mob marriage proposal. The video, which boasts over 12 million views, propelled Betty’s music and relentless positive vibes to new heights.

Betty Who’s sound is reminiscent of early Madonna, Katy Perry and Robyn, all of whom she notes as musical idols and inspirations. From the blast of the first note, she makes her style clear for all to see; "High Society" launches immediately into an infectious, New Wave-tinged ode to living, or at least pretending to live, a life of luxury. Betty Who projects an image of sassy punk á la Pink, and possesses just as much raw energy as the pop queen, whose lyrics you can shout along to with wild abandon.

"Right Here" slows the pace with whispering vocals caressing a haunting string accompaniment, whilst the bass and ripples of electronica remain throbbing beneath the delicate sinews of the melody. Betty Who’s seductive, yet vulnerable, voice are paired with passionate and introspective lyricism: "Kiss me sweet and whisper low, never let me go."

Betty describes her songs as being hugely influenced by emotions she is living through, one of those predominantly being love, and all the pain that comes with it. "Heartbreak Dream" livens up the EP once again with a soaring feel-good melody and sugar rush beats that will catapult you into a summer of teenage dreams. Closing track, "You’re in Love", with its Ellie Goulding- like instrumentation and hugely catchy chorus is a song to be chanted at a festival, with a warm cider in one hand and a stranger’s hand in the other.

With an upcoming Australian tour supporting Katy Perry, Betty Who looks set to commence battle for pop-queen crown and it’s sure to say she won’t shy away from the fight.

Release: 23rd June 2014, RCA


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