The galaxy according to Bang Bang Romeo

A Heartbreaker's Guide to the GalaxyAchieving iconic status before releasing your debut album might sound impossible but Bang Bang Romeo’s Anastasia Walker has accomplished just that. Walker’s vocal prowess and fierce but sweet attitude are why A Heartbreaker’s Guide To the Galaxy feels like a commercial hurricane about to reach land. No matter where this album takes the band, Walker is already a star and few debut albums deliver so many memorable moments.

Wisely opening with the songs on last year’s Shame On You EP, A Heartbreaker’s Guide To the Galaxy feels familiar to fans while introducing new listeners to Bang Bang Romeo's journey leading up to this debut. The band first hit the scene in 2014 and have taken a decidedly old-fashioned approach to building their career, one gig at a time. The songs sound lived in; a benefit of being played night after night for the past few years. The band’s flexibility allows Walker to take the songs in whatever direction best suits her emotions at the time. Rock, soul, hip hop, and r'n'b all share space on the dance floor and it creates a thrilling listen, where each new tracks seduces you in a different way.


Maybe its playing loose with hyperbole but the spirit of Queen moves in the shadows behind Bang Bang Romeo. Walker’s stadium ready voice and the band’s ability to change styles so eloquently harks back to the unexpected mysteries that lurked on Queen albums beyond the singles. From the driving, almost-metal guitar on “Invitation” to the soaring pop of “Natural Born Astronaut”, which would hold its own against P!nk’s finest moments, Bang Bang Romeo ooze a humble confidence. It’s not a coincidence that P!nk took them out on a stadium run this summer. Bang Bang Romeo sound pre-destined to someday headline Wembley themselves.

These are exciting times; a new, more inclusive rock'n'roll narrative is unfolding before our eyes. An industry built upon patriarchal values and blatant sexism has started to crumble. Bang Bang Romeo’s debut kicks down what is left of those doors without dismissing the important music that inspired them to form a band. It might be a dicey time to namecheck The Smiths, but “Cemetery” sounds completely authentic in the excitement of discovering the band as a teenager; something many of us can relate to regardless of what Morrissey said yesterday or tomorrow.

There's something exciting about hearing a debut album that sounds so perfect for the moment. Global success is the only possible outcome. From The Killers' Hot Fuss to Imagine Dragons' Night Visions, certain albums come along at the right moment and turn a band into a phenomenon. Bang Bang Romeo are ready for that success and, more importantly, it's well deserved. A Heartbreaker’s Guide To the Galaxy bears the beautiful scars of a working band who have stuck to their ideals no matter how lonely some gigs might have felt along the way.

Release: 22nd November 2019, Eleven Seven Label Group


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