Amber Run return with introspective For a Moment, I was Lost

for a moment i was lostAmber Run's sophomore release For a Moment, I Was Lost is defined by torment, fear, anger and most importantly, progress. Moving on from their distresses of 2016 to create new tracks, they return with a new sound that documents the struggles of their darkest moments, as well as moving on from the abyss.

Amber Run have been creating alt-indie music since 2012 - releasing one album, three EPs and now their second album. For a Moment, I Was Lost is a lot darker than their debut 5AM, filled with husky vocals and mysterious instruments. The album focuses on the subject of mental health, well portrayed via lead single "Haze", where front man Joe Keogh sings, "Carried on the back of a wave of gloom." It's very fitting to how they must have felt at the end of 2015. Dropped from their label and one band member down, the band were in a creative rut.

Nevertheless, this drought didn't last for long. Each band member asked themselves if they wanted to carry on, and they all came to the same conclusion: the songs they had been creating were worth pursuing. Pembrokeshire, Wales is where the eureka moment happened, where they all decided to retreat to rediscover themselves. Despite having no label and lacking money, they were determined to create this album.

Consequently, songs such as "Perfect" have an underlying theme of comparing yourself to others. This is backed with an insane string guitar and backing vocals like that on "Runaway" by Ed Sheeran. Elsewhere a few tracks on For a Moment, I Was Lost are similar to that of "Noah" on their debut with its intense peaks throughout. "Dark Bloom" is probably the most upbeat on the album backed with rocky guitars and Keogh's gravelly vocals. It is noticeably darker than 5AM, while the line, "I'm old enough to know I'll end up dying" resonated throughout "Fickle Game".

The whole album is full of an eclectic mix of upbeat and more heartfelt, ballad songs. It is perfect to show off the talents Amber Run have, from their enchanting lyrics to exciting guitar parts.

Release: 10th February 2017, Easy Life Records


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