Hippo Campus come of age on debut Landmark

LandmarkLandmark, the debut album from indie quartet Hippo Campus, marks a coming of age for the band, exploring an intimate world of universal concepts: love and loss, family and friendship, hope and self-doubt. Recently embarking on a tour around the UK, they rustled up excitement for their long-awaited debut album, to be released on 24th February 2017.

Discussing the album, the band said: "The album became a collision of two versions of ourselves, each part trying to have control of everything. The first, a suffering, arched-backed wild man rubbing two sticks together to make a fire in a barren cave. The other, carefree in reflection, drenched in summer and whisky with its writing hand working flawlessly.  One side of the coin seeking honesty, real reflection, therapy. The other a cynical child, utilising irony to tear down the ship we had worked so hard to build." 

"Sun Veins" opens Landmark, using synths, electric vocals and acoustic guitars, and beautifully flows into the second track. "Way It Goes" is very laid back, and sounds quite a bit like Declan McKenna, with the guitar riffs and focus on the vocals. Similarly, final track "Buttercup" amalgamates tambourine, drums and, yet again, intense guitar riffs. This track ends the album on an a high and reminds us of the theme of coming of age. Some of the tracks on the album are very pop-influenced; "Western Kids" is a prime example, combining profound guitar parts and myriad beats to create a track similar to "Suicide Saturday," from their EP Bashful Creatures.

"Poems" begins downtempo, with accompanying dreamy vocals. Eventually, the classic drums and guitars kick in, bringing depth and energy to the track, though it calms down and eventually fizzles out towards the end. Continuing with the chilled out style, "Monsoon" offers a style much the same as Amber Run's single "Fickle Game," with reverbed vocals and synths. "Epitaph" is another more laid back song, but picks up the pace when the chorus kicks in to round off an uplifting and magnificent track. The majority of tracks are filled with reverb and clean tone guitars, and each line has a meaning and purpose.

Landmark has a key focus on guitar riffs, fitting perfectly with the lyrics, and the meaning they are trying to portray with them. It is jam-packed with indie vibes and tracks that will make you want to dance.

Release: 24th February 2017, Transgressive Records


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