DrunkenWerewolf Relaunching Soon!

Hello everyone! You may have noticed the site has been quiet recently, and that's because DrunkenWerewolf's head honcho Tiffany has  grown and delivered her first child. Introducing the Marin Monster, born 30/03/2020!

Getting to grips with parenthood in COVID-19 lockdown has been interesting and there’s not been as much time for blogging as she had hoped. DrunkenWerewolf will be back soon though, promise!

While we’re scheming up a new approach to life and music, all existing content is still available to read and Tiffany occasionally tweets a recommendation, so keep an eye on socials!


One Response to “DrunkenWerewolf Relaunching Soon!”

  1. Cameron W 29/03/2020 at 9:59 pm #

    Good luck & congrats!

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