Introducing: Wingtip

WingtipOn a recent trip to New York, I spent one of my days wandering around in Brooklyn, also the home of talented up and coming producer Wingtip (the moniker of Nick Perloff-Giles).  Strolling the streets of Williamsburg, before tracing the riverside down under the Manhattan Bridge, it was one of those carefree summer days - blazing sunshine, the occasional breeze, the lightest of moods...

Such a mood graces Wingtip's latest single, "Walls". Featuring Delacey's beguiling vocals and a light, flickering feel reminiscent of Owl City, it's a gorgeously crafted electronica number. Announced by its swirling synths, the track sees him weave a mesh of light piano chords, crisp, twinkling electric guitar and clinical percussion, with Delacey's delicate tones resting on top. All through its infectious hooks, elegant chorus melodies and the tender breakdown towards the end - "so you hold me, and I'll I got is grey hair and aching bones" - the track bristles and buzzes like the wings of a small insect. The fact that it's garnered over a hundred thousand plays on SoundCloud in just under two months is not only testament to Perloff-Giles' skill and precision in crafting the track, but hints at great success to come from the Brooklyn youngster.

Keep up to date with Wingtip at his Facebook page, and listen to "Walls" below



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