Introducing: Steph Barrak Steph Barrak"This feels so familiar. Don't you feel it too?" We do, Steph Barrak, and it does. It feels like every winter spent chasing something warmer than a handshake. A bonfire less acrid, a boxed wine less acid. Certainly between 2006 and 2009 I spent those seasons filling up mix CDs with sincere indie-folk, most of which I would later realise (to my horror) came from The O.C. soundtrack: الثنائية وسطاء الفوركس الخيار Joseph Arthur, Imogen Heap, كتاب الفوركس Pinback, القفز فوق هذا الموقع Tunng...

مزيد من التلميحات Not that we're calling Steph Barrak a throwback, you understand. But perhaps the Boston, MA singer-songwriter's new single "So Familiar" just evokes a simpler time for many of us, when the sound of a glockenspiel on record didn't make us want to defenestrate our pets and loved ones. It sounds beautiful on this track, a bittersweet affair that celebrates the poignancy of memory, all set to uncluttered instrumentation and a lyrical palette that allows the listener's own experience to colour in the rest. (Inside the lines, please. It may sound cute to go outside them, but it just ends up a mess, doesn't it? Yes.)

تحقق من هذا Following on from 2013's Words to Break Your Heart, the track precedes brand new EP Never Again, due February 3rd 2017 and produced by Mike Davidson ( St. Vincent, José González, Regina Spektor), a man who knows a thing or two about making records sound pretty. Not that it's all coffee-shop folk, as Barrak herself is keen to keep it varied. “Sometimes, I end up writing a complete song that becomes more than just ‘me journaling’ and takes on a life of its own as almost a piece of art. I like to write from the heart and try to not to write to a specific genre.” You do you, Steph. It's working a treat so far.

Make yourself familiar with Steph Barrak's latest track below.


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