Introducing: Middle Kids

Middle Kids haven't grasped the rules of ping-pong yet.There’s a lot to be apprehensive about regarding the New Year: the towering heights of expectations that always come with planning a good New Year’s Eve to start off the next 365 days, the very probable impending clusterfuck that will be a Trump Presidency, the fear of the unknown that escalating meme culture brings…. But let’s not write off 2017 before it’s even begun, because goddammit there is so much good music to look forward to, including that coming from Aussie trio Middle Kids.

Let us introduce you to a band that will leave you wishing they had more than two songs out right now (patience is such a bore). Oozing with potential and capturing our hearts are Hannah Joy (lead vocals, guitar), Tim Fitz (guitar) and Harry Day (drums); the Sydney trio doing everything right to create heart-filling, body-warming indie rock.

Their first single “Your Love” is an affectionate assertion of enduring devotion, complete with sweet harmonies and reverberating guitar strums. It’s also a good reminder that having doubts in a relationship doesn’t necessarily lead to a break-up and, well, if it does at least you might get a cracking song out of it first.

“Edge of Town” is a beautifully constructed track with soaring guitar slides and lyrics that disregard constraints of grammar, instead flowing into each other elegantly from line to line. It is one of those songs that just keeps getting better with every play and was listed as a finalist in this year’s Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition (so it’s not just us and our professional opinion raving about the track).

Listen to “Edge of Town” below and find out more about Middle Kids on their website.


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