Introducing: Two Steps on the Water

Two Steps on the WaterMelbourne trio Two Steps on the Water bring the weird and the wonderful into their folk musings, as if mixing all three primary colours to make a dark and unexpected hue. Their primary colours are folk, punk and alt-pop - and when mixed together, the warped musical palette of June, Sienna and Jonathan creates something totally different and disconcerting.

On first listen, you'll either love or hate these guys. Singer June Jones’s raw voice discomforts, bends and distorts. She has vast range, and doesn’t mind the odd screaming match with her microphone; straight away you know she's a singer that wants to avoid any kind of conformity. She also plays guitar, while Sienna and Jonathan back up the madness with violin and drums respectively.

2016 saw the band release debut album God Forbid Anyone Look Me, a record that tackles some seldom heard themes. Sex, sadness, trauma and transness are all included courtesy of June Jones, who has previously admitted to i-D that struggles with mental health and anxiety have found their way into her songwriting. “It's so wild that people would wanna hear me yell about being mentally ill and sad and trans and angry. What a world”.

What a world indeed, but it’s a world that will always need bands like Two Steps on the Water. Bands that aren’t afraid to take giant steps outside the box to ensure the evolutionary musical wheel keeps spinning, offering music fans knew and exciting songs to love, hate or never fully understand. All I can tell you is the more I listened, the more I loved - and the more I love, the more I want to see them live.

Currently playing shows in Melbourne and putting the finishing touches to their second album, here's hoping this beautifully unique trio keep being strange.

Check out Two Steps on the Water's new track "A Very Hot Shower" below


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