Introducing: Trills

TRILLSNot many bands can claim to have had one of their songs used on both a film about the suffragette movement and a remake of Disney classic Pete’s Dragon. And when I say not many, I mean literally one. It would be weird if there were other bands who met that very specific criteria, wouldn’t it? I’m talking about Trills.

The London four-piece craft music that generally evokes a medieval Florence Welch tribute choir, except on the phenomenal “Mud and Gold” it also sounds like the whole thing’s being backed up by Kveikur-era Sigur Ros. In other words, it’s pretty gosh-darned epic, just the kind of sweeping grandeur that can carry a film trailer over from bombast to ballast. Perhaps it’s no surprise, as Johan Hugo, who produced their debut Lacuna EP, has previously recorded with stadium-botherers Mumford & Sons.

Elsewhere, they’ve already lent their exquisite harmonies to a number of different styles, showing a darker streak on tracks like “Devil” and “Hush” (“Hush little baby, don’t you cry, you know your mother was born to die…”) as well as an impressive a capella cover of James Blake’s “Retrograde”. Last I heard they performed a gig at “a secret location in Fulham,” so I suggest you go and see them while they’re still playing such cosy, intimate events. With voices like that and an audience of millions reached prior to any album release, Trills have already won our vote.

Lacuna EP is out now – listen to it below, and find out what’s next for Trills on their Facebook page.


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