Introducing: Segers


Refreshingly forthright in her music, Segers has the potential to make a genuine breakthrough this year.

New single “The Wandering” marks the Australian multi-instrumentalist’s first release since her 2015 debut EP “Little Lines”, and demonstrates an artist moving completely into the next stage of her career.

Two years might seem a lifetime for a musician, but Segers seems fully content to move at her own pace. The intervening time has seen her continue to gig regularly around her native Perth and build up a small but ardent following.

Whilst the stripped-back folk of “Little Lines” offered glimpses of potential, “The Wandering” is 4:29 of pure musical warmth and charm. From the twinkling keys and the utterly bewitching vocals, the artist also known as Stacey-Ann Pietersen has delivered a compelling return to the scene.

Well-packaged and family-friendly, Segers’ inimitable brand of pop should be a dream for commercial station playlists.

Produced with the guiding hand of Eskimo Joe’s Joel Quartermain in Melbourne, "The Wandering" is worth the two-year wait. Having returned more forthright and evocative than before, the trained paramedic has hit a definite sweet spot with her new track, and fans surely won’t have another two years to wait before they hear more from Segers.

The Perth-based artist has been gaining traction down under, and if she can follow up her latest offering with more new material, 2017 could prove a defining year, truly establishing herself in Australia and beyond.

Listen to "Little Lines" by Segers below.


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