Introducing: Malihini

MalihiniMalihini, for those of you unfamiliar with either Hawaiian or Lilo & Stitch, is essentially the island state’s word for a newcomer. Which is fitting really, because we’re introducing them. If Memphis Industries' latest party guests, Italian duo Federica Caiozzo and Giampaolo Speziale, had chosen a name that translated as ‘questionable senior’ or ‘coke dullard’ or ‘the ones from Test Icicles who weren’t Dev Hynes,’ frankly, we would have had reservations about the whole thing.

After meeting in Rome in 2015, it took a road trip to Austria, Germany and Poland for the pair to finally put their musical heads together (Federica describes it, rather wonderfully, as a "moment of surrender"), and eventually relocate to the UK. Whatever the process, we’re glad it worked out that way, because “Waiting” is absolutely gorgeous, a dark slice of supernature that recalls labelmates Poliça at their sultry best. Supposedly it’s about “a wrongly accused death-row inmate and his lover who's become delusional,” not a supplementary restaurant career, so it sounds like they’ve got a strong arm in lyrical dexterity to draw on, too.

The duo played a couple of dates in London last month, and just topped a Huw Stephens Presents evening. Chances are they’ll be playing venues bigger than The Social by the end of the year; alongside The Japanese House and Gemology, Malihini are perhaps the most promising of 2017’s young crop of electronic pop acts, and as such, unlikely to remain newcomers for very long.

Keep up to date with Malihini via their Facebook page, and listen to "Waiting" below.


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