Introducing: H.Grimace

H.GrimaceAnglo-Australian quartet H.Grimace have built on several years of well-received EPs and live shows with well-crafted debut album Self Architect, due to drop 7th April 2017.

Vocalist Hannah Gledhill offers insightful social reflection, over the top of the raucous rhythm section of guitarist Marcus Brown, bassist Corin Johnson and Diogo Gomes on drums.

Having plied their trade on the London circuit for several years, the early tracks released from Self Architect hint at an impressive evolution of H.Grimace's sound from previous offerings. Now sharper and more defined in their output, this album is the clearest indicator yet that H.Grimace are ready to take the next step forward as a band. With two London shows scheduled for 26th March and 13th April 2017 and talk of a UK tour later in the year, it’s starting to feel like 2017 could be the year they finally make that leap into the wider consciousness.

From the new album, lead single “Land/body” encapsulates the band's grunge-y, post-punk sound most emphatically. From the ominous intro of carefully plucked guitar, the song suddenly explodes into life, the tempo switch an effective trademark that makes this band so much more interesting than many of the revivalist shoegaze acts currently emerging. An intriguing collaboration with poet Vivienne Griffin on album track “2.1 Woman” further shows that H.Grimace don’t shy away from direct social commentary in their music either.

Should all go to plan, the next few months could prove an exciting time for this foursome, and they are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Listen to "Opposite Number" by H.Grimace below.


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