Introducing: Graceland

GracelandResiding 100 miles northeast of London, where coastal birds hover and little else happens, is Norwich’s greatest musical export: Graceland. Sounding nothing like Elvis or Paul Simon, Rosie Arnold (guitar, organ, and vocals), Ellie Jones (guitar and vocals), Maxie Gedge (drums), and Stevie Gedge (bass guitar) have impressively secured a record deal with Label Fandango. With a few tracks on Soundcloud and energetic live shows under their belt, they’ve already had some airplay with their latest release on BBC Introducing Norfolk.

“Flyway” is nothing short of a hazy modern-pop gem. Known for having a ‘girl gang’ attitude to their writing, they bring the down-beat complexities of human behaviour into glorious resolution thanks to their ability to use tension to shift the mood towards joy and dancing. This is beautifully executed over the various melodic harmonies the girls ooze over each other. Pounding drums drive "Flyway" forward with furious control, allowing simple euphoric guitar hooks to ignite with fuzzy wonder. It’s a modern sound that effortlessly offers a bit of nostalgia by tipping their hats to noise-pop heroes such as Pixies and The Breeders.

For a band barely out of their teens they’ve knocked up an impressive 7,000 plays with their first release, 2016’s killer bass-line infused “Fleetwood”. It’s heavier than "Flyway" proving they can manoeuvre the distances between edgy punk and softer indie styles. Catch them at London’s Islington Assembly supporting The Veils on 4th December 2017.

Find out more about Graceland and listen to "Flyway" below.


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