Introducing: Bloodboy

BloodboyThere is no doubt that the concept of identity has been a central focus in popular culture for a while now. A space has been opened, and, within that space, creatives of all kinds are welcome to tease out different theories on what it really means to be ourselves. It's a never ending discussion, and it's unlikely to ever reach a definitive conclusion.

Enter Bloodboy, with her synth-laden, electronica heavy take on the whole identity topic. "Human Female" strips it right back to basics, concept-wise, to the fundamentals of being. The subject of the song is human, and she is female. Everything else, however, is pretty fluid.

Lexi Papilion is the brains behind Bloodboy. She's an artist based in San Clemente, California, which goes someway to explaining the eye-catching imagery of her video for "Human Female". Both musically and visually, the song has a feeling of retro-futurism. The video is clean-cut, minimalist, but the colours are vibrant and the outfits wonderfully eccentric - almost like animated pop-art. This, combined with the electro, post-punk sound results in something straight out of the 80s... When the 80s was going through its futuristic phase.

Perhaps the most poignant lyric is, "You wanted to be lost until you were really lost," which repeats at the end of every chorus. Not wanting to define yourself categorically may be one thing, but having no foundation on which to build some sort of identity is a daunting thought. 'Finding yourself' is a very overused term these days, and it tends to be associated with 19 year-olds who need an excuse to go travelling. But Bloodboy reminds us that it's so much more than that. "You're alive and you still don't know why" - identity gives us purpose, and gives us a reason to exist.

Watch the audio video for "Human Female" below and find out more about Bloodboy here.


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