Introducing: Animali

تداول سوق السعودي الخيارات الثنائية ماليزيا التداول AnimaliTaking سعر جنية الذهب السعودي اليوم 6 1 2014 Animali (meaning animal in Italian) for a band name already hints at the band’s intriguing roots. From Lyon in France, Animali are a quintet, producing psychedelic rock cornerstoned by hypnotic melodies and catchy vocals. Inspired by the psychedelia of the '70s, you’ll find definite hints of الراجحي سوق الاسهم Pink Floyd, but bringing in more modern elements from منتدى السوق السعودي للاسهم Flaming Lips and كيف تكسب المال من خلال الانترنت Spiritualized.

إستراتيجية الفوركس الأفضل Their debut EP was back in 2014 with catchy title The Spark and Three Other Poorly-Produced Pieces of Music, which demonstrates Animali aren’t afraid to experiment with synths and echoey vocals (or have a bit of a laugh) to produce a mesmerising sound, especially on lead single “The Alchemists”.

ثنائي الخيار يكي Expanding on this further is another rolls-off-your-tongue EP, This Plane’s Going Down, Are We All Gonna Die? released in 2015. Drawing on more of an indie rock style, “The Who?” moves towards influences such as Foxygen. With two EPs under their belt, they are yet to release a full album, and have been through a quiet front for the meantime.

كسب المال دون استثمار However, latest release “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” is a classic. Adding more of an electro vibe, bouncing away from the the '80s pop elements of Cyndi Lauper's Robert Hazard cover, Animali recreate the track with their own style. Reverb-drenched vocals are overlayed with electric guitar and synths for a modern take on a classic. Not losing the girl vibe, Animali's latest release demonstrates a more synth-focused direction. While eagerly awaiting more releases, we look forward to what Animali are doing next.

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