Introducing: The Garage Flowers

Garage Flowers

Raucous Camden quartet The Garage Flowers have both literally and figuratively been making a lot of noise since forming in 2015.

Founding members Joe Capaldi and Johnny Webber provide the vocals and relentless riffery that underpins their infectious sound, ably supported by drummer Andy Johnson and bassist Jake Fielding.

Latest track “Nothing’s Gonna Get Me Down Today” reads almost as a manifesto for the foursome’s carefree approach, combining high-tempo guitar and crashing drums into 2:45 of unfiltered pop.

Accompanied by a refreshingly unfiltered music video that suggests they don’t take themselves too seriously, the band are clearly determined to have a good time and make some incessantly infectious music in the process. Previous singles “Mrs Maggie May” and “Lollipop Candles” are similarly jangly, chaotic affairs.

Driven by the sort of dirty, unfailingly catchy riffs that bring to mind the best of The Clash and the Rolling Stones, this quartet seems driven by the same anarchic energy. Now regulars at several Camden venues thanks to their inimitable live shows, the stage is set for The Garage Flowers to break beyond their local confines and make the world sit up and take notice.

With a series of online demos confirming their obvious promise, the next step is to produce a debut record and resume the touring schedule that has bought them a legion of fans up and down the country.

In an age of social media posturing, the Garage Flowers are thrillingly authentic and enjoyable. It’s time to hear some more.

Listen to the Garage Flowers' demos below.


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