Introducing: Cairobi

cairobiLooking for some vibrant and eclectic sounds to shake up a compilation of four-piece guitar rock and contemporary pop? Check out London-based quartet Cairobi, whose self-titled debut album is coming out in January via Some Other Planet Records.

Cairobi are Giorgio Poti (vocals, guitar), Alessandro Marrosu (bass guitar), Salvador Garza (keyboard) and Aurelien Bernard (drums); a multicultural line-up covering the territories of Berlin, London, Rome and New York. Their music takes on similar psychedelic features to Tame Impala with the youthful energy of Crystal Castles, creating some sort of invigorating daydream that you’ll want to sink right into.

Back in 2014 they released Distant Fires, a 4 track EP that saw the band experimenting with rhythm, repetition and mid-song contrasts. Since then, the band’s sound has grown and incorporated more aspects of the musicians’ own colourful tastes. Middle Eastern riffs and marching beats dominate their latest single “Saint”, while “Ghost” embodies the musical version of a kaleidoscope, with Poti’s luscious vocals sending the listener off somewhere peaceful.

Allow yourself to by hypnotised by “Lupo” – a track the band originally ditched before re-working the arrangement into something mesmerising. It’s almost 6 minutes of languid guitar riffs, oscillating bass and lyrics as relaxing as they are intangible. The deliberate nature of Poti’s drowsy voice is a little blurred; while it suits the band’s genre of hazy alt rock perfectly, at times it may have been a side-effect of the singer’s migraine medication that he was having to take while the band were recording the album. Either way, we look forward to hearing more when Cairobi is released in 2017.

Listen to “Saint” below and find out more about Cairobi on their website.


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