#11 Women in Music: Molly Beanland

Molly Beanland

Pure pop goodness and a heart of gold; or something like that. Molly Beanland has slowly but surely captured the heart of the blogging nation over the course of the past three months, thanks in large part to her singles "Night Dreams" and the more recent "Real Life". Inspired by everything from the Grimm brothers to 80s teen movies and movie heroines, the London based singer songwriter has fast become a firm favourite of DrunkenWerewolf and looks set to secure more rabid fans with big things planned for 2014.

Below DrunkenWerewolf head honcho Tiffany Daniels speaks to Molly about Goldfrapp, Lana Del Rey and Supergirl.

Molly Beanland in Interview

Hello Molly! First of all, how would you describe your music to someone who’s not yet heard of you?

Hmmm, how about Brat-pack Resurgence Dream Pop Bubble Power Wave... That's catchy right? Seriously, hmm, I'd say it's 80s influenced with British pop at its heart, and elements of modern electronic music. A Kavinsky and Amerie love child perhaps... Actually my producer Kyle (Skruncha-roo) came up with that last night to describe a new cover we are working on.


You recently got compared to Alison Goldfrapp by 1883 Magazine following your Sebright Arms gig in March. How did that particular reference make you feel?

Alison Goldfrapp is a queen, that was incredibly flattering.

Growing up, who were your pop idols? Who do you look up to as an adult?

Growing up I'd say Kylie Minogue and Freddie Mercury. I like melodrama, playfulness and musical hooks, both have/had those aplenty. My admiration for those two hasn't waned, so the same answer still applies. In terms of more current artists I really admire Lana Del Rey, such an awesome songwriter and one of my favourite lyricists, she has created such a beautiful world to surround her music too, she's very inspiring.

Pop music’s developed over time but there have been few artists who’ve really pushed the definition of the genre. Would you say that’s fair? How far are you willing to push pop?

I would say that for me, it's not about consciously pushing boundaries necessarily. I just make what I love and try not to get hung up on ideas of what genre it falls into.

It seems unlikely that you’d consider ‘pop’ a dirty word. At the same time you come from a very self-made background. Is it possible to compete with the pop mainstream as an independent artist?

I definitely don't consider it a dirty word no. I'm yet to find out if it's possible to seriously compete with the mainstream, you can certainly put yourself out there as an artist though, in ways that weren't possible before the birth of the internet.

Your “Night Dreams” music video uses faux-porn, actual-porn and teen-porn scenes from famous movies. How important is popular culture to your project?

That's actually only half of the video, the other half are scenes from horror movies, that video is about blurring pain and pleasure, the scenes are all mixed up in a way that makes it hard to tell the difference, which is the essence of the song. But yes, for sure, I'm very interested in popular culture. The meme-ing of life is...? Well, it's all love and sex, death, fear, pain, joy and all the ridiculousness we use to get ourselves through it really. Popular culture unites us, in the same way that we all look up at the same moon and that makes us feel part of something. It makes us feel a little less lonely in the universe I think, even if it is just (just?!) an 8-bit animated rainbow J-Pop cat.

Buzzfeed recently listed Supergirl as one of the worst movies of all time. It was horrific. What’s your favourite movie featured in the video?

I actually love that movie. No shit. There were a lot of great movies in there! I had a lot of fun making it. If I had to pick one to watch right this second though I'd say Showgirls. Or maybe Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

What inspires you to write songs in general, and has that always been the case?

Movies and books mostly, some real life things... Generally a combination of all three. I love reading fiction, I'm just finishing The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt which has been one of my favourite novels I've read this year so far. I love climbing inside other worlds and minds, that's always been very inspiring for me.

You’ve just released a new single, “Real Life”. It has a billion alternative versions uploaded to SoundCloud. I take it you’re okay with other artists giving their own version of your work?

I love the remixes, I wish there were more!

Which remix-maestro would you most like to work with and why?

Cyril Hahn would be cool. Everything he does has such a magic touch to it, he's really quite brilliant. I'd quite like to be sliced and diced by a rapper too, like Eminem did with Dido on "Stan".

Can we expect “Night Dreams” and “Real Life” to feature on a full length any time soon?

They will be on my EP out in May. An album would be awesome if the stars align.

Just as importantly, can we expect a UK tour any time soon? I really want to see you live!

Thank you! I hope to do a tour yeah, maybe later this year or 2015. Right now I'm focusing on my upcoming London dates and booking some festival slots. Expect lasers, cats and pineapples!

Find out more about Molly Beanland here. 


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