Ones to Watch in 2015 Interview: Invader Girl

Invader GirlInvader Girl has landed, and 2015 looks like it's going to be her year. Amid a blaze of neon, unicorns and spiky synth, Invader Girl  (aka Camilla Roholm) has garnered hot tips and praise galore for her leftfield pop already. Thus far we’ve been treated to angular single "Starting Fires" and a motoric teaser and video for latest single "Stuck on Me". Exciting times lay ahead!

DrunkenWerewolf catches up with Invader Girl to talk about Jack White, her musical influences and plans for 2015 below.

What's next for Invader Girl?

A few singles, and then an EP if I have my way. I just want to keep putting music out as often as possible. Hopefully some live dates too, as soon as I can get in the rehearsal room with my new band. Really excited about that.

You changed your pseudonym in June of last year. Does the Invader Girl moniker signify a new artistic direction?

There hasn't been an intended creative change musically, more of a natural development over time which meant that updating the name felt right. Invader is basically Cinnamon 2.0! Invader reloaded! It’s always been my deepest, darkest, not so secret wish to be a super hero and I thought Invader Girl sounded like more of a kick ass one. Also a US clothing brand was threatening to sue like a bunch of little cry babies if I put Cinnamon on merchandise!

Will Cinnamon Girl songs appear in your live repertoire or even make an appearance on your debut album?

Absolutely! I was so honoured that people loved the demos so much. I’ve tweaked both into bigger, better versions of themselves. They’re just like they were but with extra muscles. They’ve eaten their spinach and vitamins! Can’t wait for people to hear them.

Lets talk about influences. Who would you cite as your current inspirations and perhaps more importantly, who were childhood and teenage heroes? Extra points for guilty pleasures!

I’m such a music geek I don’t think I see anything as a guilty pleasure. If I'm in a car I do like to listen to hilarious 80s hair metal style cock rock though. I suppose I feel fairly guilty about that! I find it too hard to guess at what has influenced me musically, but I've always been personally inspired by strong women in music. Patti Smith, Karen O, Siouxie Soux, Madonna, Gwen Stefani – people with genuine talent and raw feminine power and without a shred of weakness. They seem in charge of their own destinies. I think current artists like Grimes, Marina and The Diamonds and Lana Del Rey are really great but I don’t think our music is at all similar so wouldn’t cite them as an influence. Tove Lo is super talented also. We wrote some songs together last year. She’s a superstar.

You did an interesting cover of of Jack Whites "Would you Fight for my Love". Should we expect more of this kind of thing i.e. Invader Girl tackling songs from other genres and making them her own?

I love Jack White. He’s one of the very few people in possession of genuine musical genius we have right now. My label wanted me to do a cover and it had to be something on the Radio 1 play list, which that week was mostly absolute dog shit to be honest. Then "Would You Fight for My Love" came out, and it was awesome, and I did a little dance thanking the gods of music, as I’d get to cover something that didn’t make me die inside.


You are developing a unique style that sets you apart from your peers. What are your fashion influences and do you think this is important to the impact on your music?

Thanks, that’s very nice! I love finding new little designers. I design a lot of what I wear myself too so I suppose it is connected to the music in the sense that they are both a creative outlet for me. It all comes from my strange mind. Fashion is a brilliant art form. I love how high fashion always verges on the slightly ridiculous. I love how easy it is to caricature. I think I just use it to have fun with and to remind myself to never take myself too seriously.

Have you always been a musician/songwriter or have you a background in another area?

Yes, pretty much. I wrote my first song aged 10 and started playing the guitar aged 12. Started my first God awful angry noisy band aged 14. I did some acting whilst at uni which I’d love to do again and I do a bit of modelling now, but I will always be a musician first and foremost.

What’s your songwriting process? Do you have a specific instrument that you reach for when you’re working on ideas?

I almost always write on the guitar, but the beginning snippets of ideas usually happen when I’m not paying attention. Often it’s at that point just before wakefulness or sleep or if I’m just walking around. Then I’ll grab my phone and record it immediately. I’ve spent so many hours hiding in the bathroom or something singing into my phone at 4 o’clock in the morning trying not to wake up anyone. My phone is full of my weird warblings.

How involved are you in the production aspects of your music and are you the sole songwriter and arranger?

Most of the time I’m the sole songwriter as well as producer but I will usually use a mixer. I know that’s pretty unusual and it’s something I’ve really had to fight for, so I’m quite proud of it. We need more girls to be given the right by the powers of music above to create their own honest material. Sometimes I do collaborate with other people on either process or both which is so much fun too when it’s someone you really click with.

I saw on your twitter feed you mourned the passing of Terry Pratchett’s. Were you a Discworld fan?

I’m obsessed with all things fantasy or magic and quite a bit of sci-fi too. I’m the biggest nerd you’ll ever meet. I love Terry Pratchett. My favourite writers are Neil Gailman and Haruki Murakami. My favourite book when I was a little kid was Astrid Lindgren’s The Brothers Lionheart, which I think must have pretty much shaped my taste in literature from then on.

You’re originally from Copenhagen. Do you feel at home in London and is there anywhere else you’d like to base yourself in the future?

I love both cities with a passion. Like most other bilingual people you feel like a weird nomad at times. You feel at home in both places and at home in neither. When I’m in London I’ll say I’m going home to Copenhagen, and when I’m in Copenhagen I’ll catch myself saying I’m going home to London. It’s very confusing! I’m half Viking, half Jamaican so perhaps I should try living there too one day –I’d like some sun in my life!

Any hobbies or vices you think we should know about?

I’m mental about cats.  It’s really quite sad. I like them better than I like most people. I’ll probably be alone for the rest of my life!

Now for my favourite part. I'm going to finish on a generic interview question! Feel free to answer any or all of these:

If you could have three guests for a dinner party (dead, alive or even fictional) who would you choose and why?

I’d like Stephen Fry, Ian McEllen and Courtney Love to adopt me and be my gay uncles and awesome aunt if that counts? Particularly if I could be a child again so they could come to my parents meetings at school.

If you're we’re stuck on a desert Island with a CD Player and 3 albums what would you choose?

TOO HARD! I mainly like old music. Errrm... probably Hatful of Hollow by The Smiths, Speak & Spell by Depeche Mode, and It’s Blitz! by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I’d have to sneak in The Immaculate Collection by Madonna too just in case I had a party emergency.

If you knew you were going to die within the hour what would your last meal be?

I’d be too busy running around naked in public and throwing myself of cliffs and stuff to concentrate on food.

Find out more about Invader Girl here, and read our Ones to Watch in 2015 article here.


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