Interview: Lowell blows the bass on Paris YK

lowell"I've been obsessively working on new music non-stop. That's all I'm doing. Nothing else."

Lowell is nothing if not focused. Namesake and mainstay Elizabeth Lowell Boland spends her time between Toronto and London, while her native Calgary also plays a crucial influence on her songwriting - which, for her latest EP Part 1: Paris YK, stretches into a new, atmospheric electro territory.

"It's always pop at the core of it, but yes, for this particular EP, I have strayed from the usual polished production and moved towards something more ethereal. The landscapes helped create that mood. I was thinking about what it's like for the sun not to rise, and what you'd do at about 4pm if that were so. I mentioned once I wrote [lead song "Blow the Bass"] on a fake sick day. I blasted music and chilled out on the couch in the afternoon with my love. It was the best." Lowell admits, adding that, "Part 1: Paris YK is part of something much bigger so it will make sense when the rest of it comes together."

Vague suggestions of the future become not-so-vague when you consider the EP is titled 'Part 1', but Lowell nevertheless has a point. Distinctly different from her full length We Loved Her Dearly, released in 2014 via Arts & Crafts, Part 1: Paris YK has set heads spinning and many critics questioning 'what next?'. Of upcoming releases specifically, she only confirms that parts 2, 3 and maybe even 4 are in the pipeline.

All is not as changed as this tactical advance might suggest. Lowell still works with Arts & Crafts, and some familiar faces have returned to help her create the EP: "Collaboration is great. Although I do most writing on my own, the collaboration always helps me see my ideas through and gets me across the finish line. I've had the pleasure of working with some incredible artists that I can bounce ideas off of and bond with over music. My songs wouldn't be the same without them. That being said, for my upcoming sophomore album, part of the vision involves me working more solo, some more self written, self produced, just Lowell kind of stuff."

One such collaboration has been with Sylvain Chaussee, who directed her video for "High Enough", featuring Lowell at her sparkling best.

"We came up with [the idea] together - I'm always very involved in my visuals - but [Chaussee] was definitely the genius behind that video. He is an incredible director, film maker and editor. I was a fan before we ever collaborated and remain so," Lowell comments.

Visuals have always been a major part of Lowell's work, but for logistical reasons she's yet to extend her love of art to the stage: "I've always desired a visually spectacular show. My earliest shows were most indicative of that. With time I've weighed out when it is economically sensible to go all out with props and visuals. Opening shows are not always the ones. That doesn't mean I don't go all out on stage for those but I can't always spend the money on the shows I'm barely getting paid. A headline show is always a goal! Then you'll see the real vision!"

Find out more about Lowell and keep up to date with the latest tour announcements here. Part 1: Paris YK is out now via Ars & Crafts.


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