Elohim is the female powerhouse we’ve all been waiting for


Elohim is a producer coming out of the Los Angeles scene with all guns blazing - and if you didn't already know that, well, then you're probably new to this website. Following a long line of tremendous releases to signify her coming, her latest single is paving the way for a successful twelve months. "Panic Attacks" features Yoshi Flower, has been picked up by The Fader and was added to Spotify's New Music Friday playlist earlier in the month. Most excitingly, it's arrived alongside details of her self-titled debut album, due out on 27th April 2018 through BMG.

The musician has received a mass of exposure for her work already, but there's still a lot of mystery surrounding the project - including Elohim's real name.


"My identity truly lies within my music," she explains, stepping away from the decks for a welcomed conversation, sort of. Part of Elohim's schtick is that she doesn't (often) use her speaking voice, in her music or with the press, and instead heads down a Stephen Hawking-esque automation whenever the occasion arises. Today, our discussion is via another communication platform that's become important to her - the internet. "It seems I can open up best when I fully go into my world with no boundaries, no judgement and no fear. I felt it was important to me, and my creativity as an artist, for people to be immersed in the music and the experience first, rather than my personal information."

Despite that, she doesn't shirk away from fan to fan interaction: "I love meeting people in real life and having one on one conversations with them at shows. I believe it's important to share that human to human exchange. The friendships I've made through music all over the world have been remarkable.

"That is what matters to me most."

On the reverse, sometimes Elohim's songs are very open about her personal struggles including her anxiety, as demonstrated on "Panic Attacks" but also older fan favourites such as "The Wave", "Skinny Legs" and "Hallucinating".

"Songwriting is very cathartic and spiritual [for me]," she explains. "Sometimes I’ll be exhausted or emotionally drained after writing a song because you really [have to] dig deep to express the most authentic emotion and struggles."


"What empowers me the most is being able to bring a slice of comfort and/or solace to someone's life who may be struggling or feeling alone. I never want anyone to feel alone... I know the feeling and it drives you to mental insanity," she speaks frankly. "These anxious, depressive and obsessive feelings are so isolating. Therapy and treatment have been very helpful for me because I've been informed that I'm not alone.

Unfortunately, these feelings are probably more common than not. When I started releasing music I received tons of messages from people and it made me realize even more so that I am not alone. Those messages are always so full of gratitude and love. [Fans] thank me for the music and message I’ve put out to the world, but I'm the one that owes them the thanks! These humans around the world have helped me in such an extraordinary way that they aren't aware of. It's my life mission to give them music that makes them safe. It's my gift of gratitude to them."

Her gift of gratitude extends to more than just recorded music. As a touring machine Elohim's very hardworking: to the point that end of the last year she contracted pneumonia while on tour with Chromeo and Jai Wolf.  "The last four months have been dedicated to getting healthy, mentally and physically," she explains of her activity since then. "I have, by some miracle, recovered from an illness that felt like it would never go away!"

"I really do love being on stage. Sometimes I say I wish I could time travel and close my eyes and go from Los Angeles to being on stage within the blink of an eye! The traveling is really the exhausting part," she admits. "Finding good food and having any normalcy and routine is a challenge, but it's a lot of fun. Being on stage is like nothing else. It presents a moment to connect with people and there's nothing like that connection. It's like a motion picture coming to life or something. I get to meet and see all of my internet friends out there which is awesome...

"My goal is to take people to another world and give them an experience and a sensation that they've not felt before through the magic that is MUSIC."

Being a woman in the music industry isn't an easy thing in any genre, but it seems especially turbulent in the electronic music scene. Elohim has become an inspiration herself, notably drawing the title of 'producer' despite a disproportionate amount of tech-savvy women continuing to be branded singer-songwriters in the face of their male counterparts. The Los Angeles-resident herself turns to "Alison Wonderland [as] a huge inspiration and an incredible friend to me. She always has really beautiful advice for navigating a heavily male populated industry and scene. To be honest, I keep myself surrounded by really supportive and protective people that treat me with respect. It's my key to feeling valued. I only care to be around humans that do not discriminate or judge others by race, sexuality or gender. We are all HUMAN and we are making art together. Art should be celebrated equally and beautifully."


Then, "One of the reasons I prefer to not be credited as a 'feature' on someone else’s track is because it feels belittling. When you contribute to the production, write lyrics and melody, and do so much more than just “sing on someone's track”, I believe you should be credited accordingly. I think people need to give women more opportunities because we are here, we are ready and we are so bad ass!"

"I would say to other females; do not be afraid to show the world what you’ve got. Sometimes planet earth can feel defeating and overwhelming but it's all about breaking through and persevering no matter what. Stay strong and always expand your knowledge. It's a great feeling when someone assumes you know nothing and you prove them wrong with facts because you are an expert at your craft. Practice and continue to grow. And lastly, as I said previously, it is really important to surround yourself with kind-hearted uplifting and supportive people. Form a team around you that are your guardian angels."

Elohim's self-titled debut album is due out on 27th April 2018 - pre-order it here!


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  1. Lillian Frances 13/04/2018 at 10:35 pm #

    Love this so much. As a female producer I really resound with the feeling of men trying to push you into this “singer/songwriter” position, and not acknowledging the breadth of talent that we bring to the table. Thank you, Elohim for your words and for sharing your passion to the world. Thanks Drunken Werewolf for listening and sharing with us.


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