Video Bonanza: Hannah Cohen, Sarah Williams White, Patrick Wolf, Years & Years and more

It’s that time again! Last week the monster brought to your attention stupendous videos from, amongst others, Beth Jeans Houghton and Call the Doctor. This week the calibre of our line up is no different, bearing acts old, new and always fantabulous.

First up is the delectable Sarah Williams White, a solo artist who’s picked up more than a few accolades over the years but hopes to break through to a larger crowd with her upcoming single “Your Silence is Killing Me”.

SWW’s new direction takes influence from GAGGLE in both visual and audible style – quite a turnaround from the four-bit, soulful harmonies that launched her career or even the alt-pop that drew comparison to Bat for Lashes in 2011.

Hand in hand with (considering the adrenaline of this cut, probably unnecessary) remixes from Dan le Sac and Paul White, the single is due out on September 24th through Monosole.

Another singer-songwriter on a mission to prove himself and succeeding in one billowing swoop of black glitter; Patrick Wolf’s “Overture” has been reworked for the musician’s upcoming acoustic double album Sundark & Riverlight.

Thankfully not removed from the beauty of the original, this new version is drenched in a cheerful ukulele that invokes a kind of whimsical nostalgia. It’s a great reminder of Wolf at his best, pulling at your heart strings while also ramming sheer talent into your crevices. Dig out your old copy of Lycanthropy, but don’t get too attached – Sundark & Riverlight is out on October 15th.

If Dog is Dead were a British wood stain they’d be Ronseal – their new song “Talk Through the Night” does exactly what it says on the tin. That is, pound adrenaline filled calypso-pop in the vein of Maccabees into your skull. You won’t sleep for weeks. Better still, it won’t annoy your cooler friends.

The new single is due for release on October 1st through Atlantic Records.

Last week Hannah Cohen performed to an undoubtedly bewitched crowd at End of the Road. Those who missed her set needn’t fret – here’s a drowsy recap in the form of “Sorry”, taken from her current album Child Bride in celebration of Bella Union’s 15th Anniversary.

Barely Regal are at it again, this time in support of Winter Villians, who will release their debut album February through the label on October 8th. “Moon” is available for free download from the act’s BandCamp. Watch the official video, featuring little girl lost and a suspicious red ribbon, below.

Japanese noisemakers taffy will launch themselves on the UK this October in support of their Sleeper-meets-cocaine inspired single “Flower Chain”. Watch the vaguely confusing video below.

If that was a little too edgy for you, you can clear your head and sooth your jagged nerves with this crisp breath of fresh air. A five piece from London, Years & Years are a soulful bunch of potential nu-folkers gone stir crazy in a 6am club. The result is “I Wish I Knew” – pastel colours mixed with some embarrassing dancing and an unbelievable melody not wasted on plinky-plonk, but bathed in synths and an infectious beat. Yay.


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