Video Bonanza: featuring Metric, WATERS, I am Harlequin, Florrie, LA Shark and more!

The music world’s been at it again – releasing videos from the big, the new and the stupendous at a rate faster than our wolf shaped limbs can keep up with. Unfortunately in Video Bonanza’s absence some obvious contenders have slipped through our badly woven net, but never fear: our selection is as juicy and justified as it always is.

...And it starts with the unchallenged Metric. The Canadian band have been rocking socks off since they formed in 1998, and with new album Synthetica under their belt it doesn’t look like their onslaught will stop anytime soon.

“Youth Without Youth” serves up another slice of Emily Haines’ luscious vocal paired with the band’s well known indie-pop resonance; with rabbit, birthday cake and tyre condiments. Check out the video below.

Riding high off the fumes of their support slots with Jack White, First Aid Kit have paired new single “Blue” up with a video that recounts the song’s sombre, beautiful and dejected subject matter.

The Lion’s Roar is now available through Wichita Recordings.

Portland based musician WATERS released his debut album Out in the Light last year and made our hearts melt, explode and reform in a fuzzy mess in tandem. One of the standout songs, “Mickey Mantle”, has received videographic treatment by Peter Ruecktenwald, who in just 48 hours created the below masterpiece as part of the Music Video Race.

WATERS videos are always equal parts excellent and bizarre, and this one’s no exception:

Last month we blogged about Miriam Bryant and her insufferably brilliant lead demo “Finders Keepers”. Since then the song’s been awarded an adrenaline filled, psychotic video full of snapshots of Miriam’s hometown Gothenburg interspersed by a captivating performance of the song.

We can’t shout about this lady enough: I am Harlequin may be new on the scene, but as her video for “Wild One” proves, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Taken from current EP Craze, this version sees singer-songwriter Anne Freier joined by Hackney Secular Singers choir live at Bethnal Green.

Florrie is Bristol’s self-styled Vogue superstar in the making, and she’s launching her career with an impressive boom into the music stratosphere. Recently tipped by Generator, her track “Shot Him Down” has Annie vibes splattered over Lana del Rey... if she had attitude and actual talent. Check it out below.

Still wallowing around in songs we already know and love, Kyla la Grange has finally released details of her forthcoming album Ashes, due out on 30th July through Sony. But there’s always time for one more re-release: this time the admittedly poignant “Walk Through Walls”. Check out the song’s vampy video below.

Men in bathrobes? Biblical images and women with tea towels on their head? DrunkenWerewolf can always find room for mental pop and La Shark offer this week’s dose with their video for “Mr Modern Man”.

The single is due out on August 6th.

Dog is Dead rocked it at Blissfields earlier in the month and I’m sure their trail of pop-based destruction has continued in our absence: now the band has turned their stun gun on the internet with their video for “Glockenspeil Song”, the new single out now on Atlantic Records.

Another band set for stardom and already latched on to all things good and holy, Me and My Drummer will release their much anticipated debut The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey this summer – but not before they wind up our impatience a little bit more with their video for the frankly beautiful “Heavy Weight”.


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