Video Bonanza: featuring Jesca Hoop, Anna Rose, James Iha, The Raveonettes and more

We're keeping it short but sweet this week, providing videos that bring us bang up to date but still pack a punch the Olympians would be proud of. Featuring some of the biggest stars in my record collection (Iha) alongside underground legends (Hoop) and people that are just plain old awesome (Gaggle) you'll find some new jewels, too.

Our Introducing on the band went down a storm; now Battleships return with a video for their song “Your Words”. Perhaps keen to distance themselves from Rhianna’s film endeavour of the same name, the track is about as galactic as Taylor Kitsch’s face, instead bullying the listener into an ethereal world of lilted melody and invasive guitar. It’s a good ‘un.

In case you haven’t heard, ex-Smashing Pumpkins and A Perfect Circle guitarist, and all around champion of life, the universe and everything James Iha will release his new album Look to the Sky on September 18th.

Ahead of the big day, Iha took to the Joshua Tree Desert to film his video for “To Who Knows Where”, which puts him squarely back on a path first carved by Pumpkins track “Daydream”.

Another mega-monster act releasing a video this week are The ‘cooler than an ice cube’ Raveonettes. Hoping to reignite their reign over garage rock everywhere, the duo will release new album Observator on September 11th.

To prove my point “She Owns the Streets” premiered on the one and only Vice.

When we interviewed her earlier in the year Anna Rose was all news about her forthcoming sophomore album Behold a Pale Horse, and her time spent shooting photographs in rural Wales. That session also spawned the following, an epic video for her title track:

Goldroom’s “Fifteen” sounds like Hurts taking a stroll down Sunset Boulevard with Gianna Factory, and their video for the song is as captivating and enigmatic.

Championed by Fader, Pitchfork and Nylon, there’s not much point in me pimping them here; as a lesser mortals we can all make do with their rec. Download the track here.

Andrew Bird has been away for what feels like years, working on his newest masterpiece Break It Yourself, which was silently released at the beginning of the year.

Current single “Give it Away” deserves to pick up the pace and garner Bird a few more faces at his gig at Roundhouse on November 8th. Check out the song’s hilarious yet touching video below.

23-strong choir GAGGLE release videos quicker than we can honestly keep up – at this rate they’ll have their own regular bonanza. Most recently the London collective have performed a series of characteristic gigs, amongst them this performance “Leave the City” at Topman CTRL’s eerie gig in a South London car park. Check out the fearsome results below.

Channelling Kathleen Hanna’s performance in Sonic Youth’s “Bull in the Heather”, Jesca Hoop goes all girly in her short for “Hospital (Win Your Love)”. The song is the pop standout on her new album The House That Jack Built, but it merely demonstrates one string to Hoop’s bow.

If you haven’t heard the whole album yet, you must. Now.

Finally, the German-born, London-based phenomena that is I am Harlequin has clubbed together with some equally talented people to make a video for her enrapturing “Craze”. Taken from her EP of the same name, the track was recently dubbed Metro’s Song of the Week.


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